How Important is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is extremely important. The first impression a potential buyer has of your home is often times a “drive by”. This “viewing” is a key opportunity for your home to entice a potential buyer to come in and see the inside of your house. Make it count!

There are a few small and inexpensive things you can do to make your home’s exterior more inviting. A clean swept or power washed walkway will allow for a smooth entry into the home during an open house or private showing. Windows, siding, gutters, porches and decks should all be cleaned to enhance buyers’ senses as they approach your home. Simple landscaping tasks, such as fresh cut grass and neatly trimmed hedges, will also tremendously improve curb appeal. These simple items cost nothing but your time and effort.

Looking for a few other ideas to take your curb appeal to the next level? A new coat of paint on the front door, fresh mulch in the garden, and potted plants on the stairs or porch offer simple, yet beautiful enhancements to your home’s exterior. With a minimal investment and a bit of elbow grease, these thoughtful touches go a long way.

Finally, a fresh, clean and strategically placed WELCOME mat not only welcomes people to your home making them feel invited, but also helps keep your freshly cleaned floors pristine. After all, we live in New England! I promise, it will be worth the effort.

A home (pictured left) that I pass daily on my way to morning coffee is a perfect example of stunning curb appeal. This house is so neat and tidy! The simple contrast of the white hydrangea landscape plantings against the dark chocolate exterior really pops. Such an elegant approach warmly welcomes all visitors!

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