Buying a home isn’t just a financial decision

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

What is it like buying a house? Thinking back to my first home purchase… it’s emotional.

I was excited, nervous, stressed, hopeful and maybe even hesitant. You have been preparing for months (maybe even years) to buy a home. When the time comes to actually purchase your first home, it is likely you will feel one or all of these emotions at some point during the process.

Buying a house, whether it is your first or your last is a major life event. Homes represent a place where our friends gather, our families grow, memories are made and moments are cherished. This purchase is a major life event and with that comes all the emotions of excitement, apprehension, impatience, uncertainty of the unknown. Finding your perfect little piece of the planet is a treasure hunt and a commitment of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Emotions are high!

First, because you’re here reading this, Congratulations! You have worked hard to be on this path to homeownership. You have been dreaming of owning a home and executing the necessary decisions to get you to this point for quite some times. You are now ready to make it happen. It is a very exciting time.

Hopefully you’ve obtained your financial institution’s preapproval (always step 1). You can now get on to the more exciting part – shopping! While combing through listings and navigating open houses/showings can take a significant amount of time and effort, when you find the right house, you will know it is for you. You will get this feeling about a particular property. Great agents recognize that excitement and work diligently to negotiate your offer. The anticipation about waiting to hear back from a seller can keep you up at night! You will be balancing both the logistics of getting an accepted offer

with where your sofa will fit and how you navigate your commute to work, without trying to get too excited in case your offer isn’t selected.

In today’s competitive market, most buyers do not get accepted offers for the first (second, or even third) house they want. This rollercoaster of excitement and searching can be more than a little discouraging, but it is important to acknowledge that the process almost always works out for the best. When the offer is finally accepted, you will savor the moment and recognize that you are that much closer to owning your dream home! Once you have found THE house, you have your first opportunity to protect your investment! Remember all the cash you saved to get here? Protect that initial down payment, and schedule a home inspection. Take the time to have an inspection and secure the peace of mind knowing you are making a well-informed decision based upon the facts of what is happening with the home. [For more information on the why of home inspections, click here.]

Buying (or selling) a home is an extremely emotional journey. Joining forces with the right team makes the experience as smooth and gratifying as possible. As a buyer, it costs nothing to have an agent work on your behalf and to protect your best interests throughout the process. Find an agent you like and trust. Utilize their knowledge and experience to guide you to that perfect home. A good agent will answer every question, educate you about your purchase, ease your concerns and celebrate your wins!

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