2021: Embracing my "Inner Tortoise"

Updated: Jan 1

My 2021 was a year of triumph, challenges and a whole host of change. Many of these events were welcomed and, as life would have it, many were unexpected and difficult.

This was the year that finally blessed my family with our first child: a smart, determined and handsome baby boy named Elliott after my Dad. This also was the year that my amazing business partner (Linda, as if you didn’t already know!) and I finally took LXL to the next level when we opened our very own brokerage. Two major, back-to-back life milestones tucked amidst a global pandemic AND a record shattering real estate market which the National Association of Realtors coined, “the most competitive spring market in 50 years.” Talk about stress! Despite having so much to be thankful for (which I am truly), for the first time in my life I found myself full of anxiety and fear. No matter what role I was embracing that day (mom, wife, daughter, business owner, cousin, friend, agent), I felt I just wasn’t good enough! I was so tired from trying and falling short of my own expectations. I have to admit that feeling all those feelings of inadequacy only made things worse for me… for a while.

When I recognized that tough times happen to everyone; that major life changes equal major challenges; and that COVID is 100% unavoidable (and also unfair for any new mom to sort out), I was able to accept that the unrealistic expectations of perfection I had set for myself were impossible. I was then able to see, understand and grant myself the time and space I need not only to grow into my new roles and responsibilities, but also the strength to ask my village for help.

Cuz that is what all of this is, it is simply growth (and maybe some hormones mixed with sleep deprivation, lol). But you know what? I am no longer afraid of making mistakes. I am figuring out how to balance all these important roles, and I am so lucky knowing I don’t have to do it all alone anymore because it’s honestly too much for any one person anyhow. I am a rookie mom, and start-up business owner. I am not one of these rock star, tried and true, already learned the hard way mom/entrepreneurs who look like they do it in their sleep.

I have so many people to be thankful for this year. They have lifted me up, carried me through and helped me find my way out of a place of fear and anxiety and into a space with the faith that everything will work out. All of this isn’t meant to be easy, but it is all worth it and I am getting there. I just need to remember that I must to slow down and be the tortoise, because trying to be the hare is literally making me pull out my hair. Slow is OK. It fosters sustainable progress and allows me to enjoy all these moments, new challenges and ever-changing priorities because I’ve only just begun. I can’t say 2021 was the year I imagined it would be, but it is the one I needed and that has been a gift in so many surprising ways.

As I head into 2022, I resolve to continue doing my best, to face my unique set of challenges head-on in faith, and to find opportunities to give back when possible. I want to make sure I appreciate my loved ones and myself at a healthy (and happy) pace.

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